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In the case of Grand Theft Auto 4 it seems that Rockstar has a contingency plan in place, which is to replace some of the expired songs with new songs.No doubt it also helped Grand Theft Auto V become the success that it did.Though to be fair, Grand Theft Auto 4 was also pretty revolutionary for its time.With about 100 hours of gameplay to contend with, and the distinct possibility that no two gamers' experiences will be the same, some fans are going to need a helping hand to unlock mini-games, additional content, extra weaponry, bonus lives and, erm, a map showing the location of all the pigeons in Liberty City.We recommend that you don't save the game after using a cheat in case it causes an unexpected glitch - we'd hate you to lose everything you've just spent the last 18 hours building up, and online gaming forums suggest that the use of some cheats can prevent you from earning gaming achievements.

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