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In 1826, Suchard opened the factory of Chocolat Suchard in Serrières.

He used hydropower of the nearby river to run the mills in his two-man factory.

This can be money for a project, a product or a start-up. Arkin on the possibilities of robotics, artificial intelligence and robot companions. Miriam Meckel on trust and credibility, changes in the media landscape and new formats such as live journalism.

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Ulrike Landfester’s term of office will come to an end of 31 January 2019.Which journalistic forms will prevail and what are the possibilities of virtual reality journalism and automated journalism?(in German) How do the US and Europe differ in terms of the importance of privacy and regulation? And what role does Russia play in the international community? Gallen Symposium 2018 with Denis Mc Donough, Visiting Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace since 2017. Reinhard Jung on classical transactions and the distributed ledger technology "blockchain". Dietmar Grichnik and Manuel Hess on developing the St.In 1824 he left Switzerland to visit the United States.At the end of the year he returned and opened a confectioner's business in Neuchâtel.

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