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At the age of 20, Shannon had a breast enhancement surgery and then she took part in the beauty pageants.In 1978, she took part in the Miss Ottawa event and was crowned with the Miss Canada talent title that year for singing.“It’s really horrible, just how low the self-esteem of these young girls truly is.I feel sorry for them in a way, they will literally do anything.” Tweed said that young fans will routinely climb over their gate to get to Simmons, and turn up on their doorstep completely naked. Gene is even a bigger target for groupies now that he is married.” Tweed and Simmons finally tied the knot in October last year, after dating since 1983 and having two kids together.While some feel the need to play the pity card when other women try to steal their beau, 1982 Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed figured it would be more fun to develop an app game about the perils of dating her über rockstar husband Gene Simmons.“In retrospect, I shouldn't have been as kind or tolerant, so my advice is to FIGHT BACK.” Said Shannon on dealing with groupies, “The alternative is despair and then they win which is unacceptable!When she was pregnant, Tweed said a groupie knocked on the door of their hotel, sans clothes, but ran away when she answered. “This time Gene answered, and she told him that she would happily kick me in the stomach so that I would lose the baby,” she said. But that doesn’t mean Tweed has faith her husband won’t stray.“It was important for me to know that in the second half of my life, someone will be there for me.

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In conjunction with Gogii Games, the wife of KISS legend Gene Simmons has released “Attack of the Groupies,” a game which brings Tweed and her famous family to life as virtual characters, and highlights the downside of the rock n’ roll lifestyle.We get the craziest mail too; people seem to be able to really express themselves with the cloak of mail and internet!” With the help and inspiration from Gogii, a gaming corporation with a great sense of humor, Shannon got to work developing the look of the main characters and groupies while daughter Sophie helped her out designing the weapons as well as some of the voices heard in the game.In 1981, she posed for Playboy magazine and was finally given the title of Playmate of the Month in November.She was also announced the 1982 Playmate of the Year. That year she appeared in the horror movie, Of Unknown Origin.

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